Lactic Acid

I trained in Moro last night, before heading out to Makati to chill out with some friends. I was pleasantly surprised at seeing some batch mates of mine working out as well. It was a refreshing sight from the monotony of faceless strangers.

As usual, training was short yet intense. I did running drills first just to prepare my body for the 4x200m sprinting workout (80% effort, 3 minutes rest in between reps). I haven’t sprinted as far as 200m ever since I injured my hamstrings back in April; hence, it was hardly surprising that I was gasping for sweet air by the 4th rep.

The first three reps were quite good, considering my relative lack of fitness. Although I was a little tense during the early stages of the workout, I became more relaxed as my body heated up. I felt the pains of lactic acid by the 4th rep – a sensation I sorely (pun intended) missed the past few months.

At the end of the workout, my legs were as painful as hell (although not as much as after those long sprints).

Gradually, I’m whipping myself back into shape. I’ve been training for almost 5 months now and, thankfully, I’m beginning to see good signs ahead. Even if the PATAFA Weekly Relays doesn’t push through, I’m glad that I’m on track in building a strong fitness base for the upcoming ABL season.

Track workout:

Running drills

4x200m (80%, 3 minutes in between reps)


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