Pitkamaki spears Sdiri, then wins World Gold.

Reading of an upcoming showdown between Andreas Thorkildsen and Tero Pitkamaki reminded me of Pitkamaki’s no non-sense training clip.

Take note of Pitkamaki’s badass throwing style, where he puts his entire body behind each heave of the javelin. The way Pitkamaki dives to the track after each throw makes him more exciting to watch than his more illustrious nemesis – who had won back-to-back Olympic titles and a World Championships gold against Pitkamaki’s lone World title.

But what makes Pitkamaki truly admirable is his ability to hurdle adversity – or in this case, to spear adversity right at the ribcage! A month before topping the Osaka World Championships, Pitkamaki accidentally threw an errant javelin into the long jump area, impaling the French long jumper Salim Sdiri.

Fortunately, Sdiri escaped with nothing more than a flesh wound, missing a vital organ by a few centimeters.

To be able to win gold at the world stage after an obviously fearsome accident would have reduced most mortals to pulp.  Amazing. Amazingly badass!

One response to “Pitkamaki spears Sdiri, then wins World Gold.

  1. 93alannews June 24, 2010 at 3:14 AM

    Amazing guy. To throw a Javelin 85+ metres is outstanding. I love to watch the javelin fly through the air. When i’m on recovery period in sessions that’s what catches my eye. I’m going through drills to keep myself active and i get startled by the javelin throwers haha.

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