Federer escapes Falla

The movie Wimbledon (2004) sparked a renewed interest in tennis and, yes, Wimbledon. Back then our cable provider did not show the prestigious grass court tournament (so I settled for the next best thing, the French Open). There’s something regal about the predominantly white outfits and the English ambiance that makes Wimbledon attractive to the spectator.

Last night, I watched the great Roger Federer pull off a Houdini, escaping with a close fought, 5-set victory against the 60th-ranked Alejandro Falla. It was a great duel. To my untrained eyes, the drop shots and the long rallies were a joy to watch.

As Wimbledon unfolds, I’m hoping for a rematch of the Federer – Andy Roddick final last year.  I’m rooting for no one in particular, but I think it’s about time Roddick hits top plum.

Also, I wish the best of luck to the Filipino entries (Treat Huey, Riza Zalameda, Jeson Patrombon and Francis Casey Alcantara).

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