Rained Out

I train like a man possessed on weekends, in light of my packed weekday schedule. I went to Ultra yesterday afternoon to do some running drills, hurdle drills and light 5-step clearances over hurdles. I originally planned to head out to Ateneo for the last long run of the foundation phase and to Celeb for circuit weights.

The weather, unfortunately, had other plans.

I should have read the signs! When I was at the Tandang Sora – Commonwealth intersection heading southbound, the afternoon sky was filled with those malevolent nimbus clouds.

I did get an hour’s worth of drilling time in Ultra.


Yeah! UCS hurdles and Rusty Nelco hurdles!


By the time I’ve set up the hurdles for my 5-step workout, it started to drizzle.


Calm before the storm


I wanted to run through the rain. I did a few warm-up sprints to increase my core temperature. The rain, however, increased in intensity. I was tempted to proceed with my hurdles workout. After all, I’ve been through worse (check out the 2007 National Open/POF.) But then again, I had to err at the side of caution. I’m still rusty as hell.


Taking shelter


So I took shelter underneath those bloody archery tents obstructing the 110m high hurdle starting line! No offense meant to our national team archers, but what’s the matter with these people? Don’t they have archery ranges to train on? But hey, I’m thankful for the shade.

I actually thought that it was just an isolated rain shower.  10-15 minutes of hiding out under that tent, I grew impatient. The rain wasn’t going to end soon. So I packed my bag, headed out to the grandstand and took a shower. I was pissed off at having my weekend workout cut short so I headed home – clad in my damp clothes and wet shoes.

The rain shower was intense. It didn’t abate until I got home.


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