Drogba’s Broken Arm

It’s admirable how Didier Drogba played with a broken arm. I’m familiar with such an injury myself, having fractured both bones in my left forearm in a freak hurdling accident 4 years ago.  The accident happened a month before UAAP. Drogba’s injury occured weeks before their World Cup debut.

I guess when the stakes are high, one is willing to risk permanent injury just to have that shot at glory. Despite the fact that Drogba suited up with FIFA approval (and a lightweight cast), he still has a fractured arm, for Pete’s sake! Remarkable. Truly, remarkable.

I harbored similar sentiments during my own bout with season-ending injury. Days after I broke my arm, I read about two American hurdlers (Mark Crear and Greg Foster) who competed with fractured forearms. My hopes were buoyed by such great news. Thank heavens I heeded the sound advice of the people around me for I swear,  I was quite determined to compete.

I’m not a football fan at all. The only football games I watch are those of the Blue and Lady Booters. Nevertheless, I recognize greatness across the wide boundaries of sport.

Didier Drogba, I salute you.




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