Sports and Corporate Life

I used to espouse a Nietzchean approach to things. Take track & field for instance. Back in college, I dropped all sorts of extra-curricular activities- from school org’s to my social life – just to be faster, stronger and better.In the corporate world, such line of thinking is hard to live out. One must learn to find balance.

I admire businessmen/family men/athletes like Wilfred Uytengsu and Jean-Henri Lhullier. Both are active physically, with Uytengsu being an accomplished triathlete and Lhullier having decades worth of experience in tennis.

I long to have the financial flexibility to engage in such pursuits, but then again, I’m quite far off the top of the corporate ladder. Come to think of it, I do not even know what I’m passionate about outside track & field. It’s a puzzle, all right, but I’ll be finding my way around things as I move on in life.

I’m particularly impressed with Uytengsu. In fact, reading that Rogue Magazine article about the Alaska Milk CEO was one of the driving factors in my attempting a comeback. If one of the country’s top business leaders can juggle business, family and triathlon training, I’m quite confident that I can manage a two-pronged balancing act.

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