The Three Musketeers

French athletics is in tip-top shape, with youngsters Renaud Lavillenie, Teddy Tamgho and Christophe Lemaitre leading the way.  Lavillenie, still only 23, had won a World Championships Bronze in Berlin. 19-year old’s Lemaitre  and Tamgho are both World Junior Champions, with the latter shattering Christian Olsson’s World  Record in the World Indoor Champs in  Doha last March.

With the decline of 2005 World Champion, Ladji Doucoure, it’s good to see other French athletes taking up the cudgels for the Les Bleus.

I’m particularly excited for Lemaitre. The 19-year old speedster lowered his personal best in the century dash by one-hundredths of second, sprinting to 10.03s at the French National Club Championships. Aside from Frankie Fredericks and Patrick Johnson, only athletes of West African descent have broken the 10 second barrier.  The great Pietro Mennea and Matt Shirvington both timed almost 10 seconds flat, while Robson de Silva, Koji Ito and Marian Woronin stopped the clock at exactly 10.00s.

It’s about time someone from the non-traditional sprinting powers to break that barrier.


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