Han Solo!

For the past two years, I’ve contemplated a return to competitive track & field. The travails of employment (and sheer laziness) killed those nascent attempts of an athletics renaissance.

While watching my former college team’s major track meet back in February 2010, a teammate floated the idea of competing again. I laughed it off, thinking that my days on the track were truly over. However, the more time I spent on the decades-old Rizal Memorial Track Stadium, the more my legs itched for some high speed action!

In the end, the competitive urge was too much to resist. I’ve been training constantly ever since, hoping to run the century dash last 21 May. However, an unfortunate hamstring injury delayed my season opener by a good two months.

Track & Field in the Philippines is a vastly underfunded and much-ignored sport. Hence, the end of a track athlete’s college stint almost always means hanging up one’s spikes. There are no professional track clubs here. If a promising athlete wants to continue his/her running, jumping and throwing, qualifying for the national team or signing up for the armed services are the two most viable options.

With my PB in the 110 high’s far from the Olympic “B” standard (PB: 15.52s, 2/08), the privilege of being included in the national training pool is a far-off dream. With no honest-to-goodness track & field club in the Philippines, I must learn to fend for myself – juggling the demands of a looming quarter-life crisis, employment and chasing my lifelong dreams.

I have no other recourse but to train alone… to train as Han SOLO!


2 responses to “Han Solo!

  1. pinoyhalfmiler May 27, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    Felt so good that I am not alone in promoting pinoy athletics thru blogging. Most of our blogs around today deal with road racing and are being maintained by new/recreational runners. Let’s help promote the sports that we love. More power to your blog, and of course to your hurdling!

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